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Carla Antonelli-Owner / Administrator


Dartmouth Manor has been solely owned by Ms Antonelli since 1988. She is a founding member of the MARCH Association; Massachusetts Association Residential Care Homes, working closely with Senators and Representatives, along with the Division of Health Care Policy, Department of Transitional Assistance and Public Health she has used her vast expertise to revolutionize a small industry that plays a vital role in meeting the needs of adults with physical, psychological and cognitive disabilities. She has worked in drafting policies and regulations and has enhanced the quality of care for the residents throughout the Commonwealth.

Cindy LeBlanc-RNBSN

Cindy has been with Dartmouth Manor for over 23 years, she brings a professional and caring approach to each resident and is a valuable asset to the facility. Cindy has many years in a variet of nursing fields as well as acute care. Cindy has made significant strides in assembling a dynamic treatment team to care for the residents. Cindy works closely with the medical director Dr Scott Henderson as well as all the consulting physicians to ensure the best possible care for each resident. Cindy displays a sense of compassion and understanding to every resident who enters her office.

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